Technological Modules

Technical buildings

Technical buildings are manufactured on the basis of 20ft. & 40ft. converted sea containers and are modified to the required standards and functionality. Due to their heavy duty features and solid construction, Kan-Bud’s shipping containers are versatile solutions for both temporary and permanent generator rooms, boiler plants, air compressors, transformer stations, workshops and many more. The option of manufacturing non-standard dimension containers from scratch allows for endless possibilities of interior design, including equipment, according to our customer’s needs. We tailor other modular technological structures and facilities upon order.

  • container labs
  • container kitchens, laundries, recreational areas
  • container built compressors
  • container pump room structures, hydrophore installations
  • container power generator buildings
  • container water treatment plants
  • container sewage treatment plants, sludge dewatering structures.
  • denitrification buildin

Compressor housings

Generator housings

Steel Structures

We design your space

Our steel structures fit any project or environment. We design different types of functional manufacturing plants and storage workshops to suit your individual requirements. We either coat ready forms with anticorrosive systems or prepare structures for zinc dips, depending on client preferences. We hold quality certificates ISO 3834-2:2005 and international norm complying standards EN 1090-1:2009/A1:2011 making our structures sustainable and top quality. Kan-Bud makes your worksites run safely, on time and on budget.


Insta-Build Relocatable Structure

The INSTA-BUILD is a prefabricated metal building manufactured offsite and its advantages include lengthwise expansion into separate sections, easy transport flat-deck or by rail car. Foundations are not required or depend on surface type. Once at the site, installation is simple, quick, and effective due to Insta-Build segment (panel) knockdown structure. With ease of erection, the building is ready in just one day, after being lifted and unfolded by crane wherever required, even at isolated terrains. Tear-off involves structures folding down to a compact unit. Insta-Builds may be exploited in any climate conditions. Hence this product is frequently supplied to exploration and drilling companies at isolated areas of Asia or North America. We offer both insulated or non-insulated Instabuilds. The latter have exterior sheathing made of steel sheet and are ideal for such applications as shelters or non-heated storage warehouses. However, heated halls have sandwich panel roofs and walls according to client needs. Insta-Build is available in 40- and 60-foot widths and 10-foot incremental lengths and may be applied for manufacturing sites, heavy equipment storage facilities or workshops.

Mobile sewage and water tanks

Built-in mobile water tanks of 15 - 16 thousand litres capacity with pressure booster system designed to supply customers with no water supply.

Built-in sewage tanks of 15 thousand litres capacity with a set of transmission tanks capable of receiving domestic sewage without the necessity of inserting into the ground. The compact casing allows for efficient transport, assembly and disassembly, and enables maintaining temperatures above 0°C the during winter.

Manufacturing technology

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