Container Construction

Construction containers

Functional construction backup facilities

Rapid connection building containers have several cost benefits and result in faster build times. Our construction welfare facilities are the answer if you need to manage your workspace in a hassle-free way. Portability and short term options are definitely great advantages of prefabricated personnel buildings at construction plants – define your usage time span and when your construction is completed, we will disassemble the facility for you. Kan-Bud’s construction containers are sustainable mobile units made of high quality components and comply with all safety and hygiene norms. Make your building plant a contemporary and comfortable workplace.


Comfortable workspace for your employees

Find our container complexes at parking lots, urban and residential areas! They may function as security booths, gatehouses, site offices, information points, staff rooms, duty offices or parking check booths. When your workforce requires a functional facility to spend many working hours, Kan-Bud offers a wide variety of solutions even if you only have very limited space possibilities. We adapt module unit dimensions and interiors to particular use depending on work nature. Our role is to provide a comfortable, safe and friendly working environment. Our complexes feature high standards and comply with current international norms. Create a safe workplace for your employees!

Washroom containers

Clean and functional

Our containers are manufactured in accordance to rigorous hygiene norms which results in a guarantee of cleanliness, safety and functionality. This mobile recommendation is best at various events, construction or camp sites. For your comfort we are flexible to adapt dimensions and sanitary equipment to your space and needs. Whether involving sports changing rooms or workforce washcars, each order is handled with an individual approach thanks to which clients may choose their own interior and exterior design. The perfect and easy solution to maintain hygienic public use facilities.

Event containers

We make your event happen

Whether you are organizing a local event or holding a temporary exhibition, Kan-Bud may help you find the best infrastructure solution. Based on solid steel frame construction, our offsite-built complexes offer varied assembly possibilities. We customize our units to your requirements giving you a free choice of interior options. Taking into account the short-term character of both major and local events, we avoid inconveniences of traditional site-built projects, making time and cost saving opportunities available. Choose modular buildings to guarantee quick transport, installations and event set-off. Rent Kan-Bud’s event modules, and get flexible planning - we will design your extra event space!

Modular kitchens and dining facilities

Modular kitchens and dining facilities

Kan-Bud’s kitchen units provide the opportunity to design your dining interiors as you wish in order to guarantee maximum functionality and high standards. Contemporary materials help maintain comfortable and clean lunchrooms, a necessity in the catering sector. Our dining accommodations are created to be easily transported together with the workspace to another site. Spacious industrial kitchen areas allow for easy workforce management in each remote location be it temporary or permanent. We offer you a wide range of unit modifications in dining applications featuring kitchen appliances and other necessary equipment.

Isolation rooms COVID-19

Temporary modular buildings for healthcare support.

Kan-Bud provides modular buildings in terms of Covid-19 prevention and offers temporary space solutions for health support. We convert prefabricated containers to emergency rooms for the following applications:

  • triage rooms
  • mobile hospital facilities
  • solitary rooms
  • containerised first aid structures
  • prefabricated quick connect control pre-entry
  • sanitary and sterile accommodation boxes
  • portable motels for quarantine
  • isolation rooms & support modules
  • prefabricated labs & monitoring modules
  • first aid modular capsules
  • disinfection pods adjacent to existing company buildings/ hospital/ institution entrances
  • mobile temperature test rooms
  • first aid modular capsules
  • changing rooms and sanitary cabins
  • modular control and diagnostic stations 

Easily duplicable with high mobility aimed to be moved from one spot to another as a rapid crisis response. Each module may operate independently to assure safety and prevent viral transmissions. Adding more units to existing ones at any time is yet another great advantage of offsite-construction systems. Set up your accommodation camp with clean, safe and available modules right now!

Manufacturing technology

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